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Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) is a corporation, centered on aviation, and capable of providing whole-value chain services to customers in many fields, from research and development to operation and from manufacturing to finance. Under the flagship of AVIC, China Aviation International Construction and Investment Co., Ltd. (AVIC AIC)  is the excellent EPC service provider for full-spectrum construction engineering sector. AVIC AIC has always vigorously devoted to investment, planning and construction of aeronautical & aerospace, energy & environmental, civil buildings, pharmaceutical engineering and other fields, inherited abundant experience and obtained fruitful achievements.

In the past 60 years, AVIC AIC has delivered full-service planning, consultancy, investment, financing, geotechnical survey, design, construction, equipment general contracting and consequent evaluation solution for our worldwide clients on the passion and vision of our talented multi-disciplinary team. AVIC AIC has plenty of international level patents in large span structure, aircraft and engine maintenance engineering, science and technology expo building, aviation planning and construction, large-scale aeronautical test equipment design and manufacturing, energy and environmental engineering, surveying and measurement technology, steel structure, capable of providing professional construction engineering service for clients in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and other regions.

With deeper insight, better expertise accumulation and continuous innovation, AVIC AIC is committed to provide top-quality services and management, develop "industry diversification, business specialization, technology internationalization, service integration", and forge a worldwide leader providing full-range services for investment consultancy and construction.

China Aviation International
Construction and Investment Co., Ltd.
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