Talent Concept
Career Development
We have classified different jobs and established four position sequences including business management, functional, technical and project management for our employees. This system is applied together with independent leadership in management and technical, which provide broader development platform for talents.
We have built an unblocked career development path for our talents. The career development model which takes executive positions as a main direction has been broken, so as to stimulate the vertical development in professional skills to support the company’s full-range service strategy.
Training System
Entire Team
AVIC CAPDI considers all the staff as talents who will support the company's development; provides training programs and learning opportunities for the entire team to continuously promote their growth and progress.
Whole Course
According to the different stages of career development, AVIC CAPDI provides employees with different levels of training courses to improve the pertinence, efficiency and effectiveness of training.
All Aspects
AVIC CAPDI values the increase of employee's comprehensive ability, and provides training courses supporting their career development, mainly cover the aspect of professional qualities, professional ability, leadership and etc., so as to promote the comprehensive development of employees.
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